What is happening every minute on the WEB – 2019 version?

September 24 2019

Recently, Domo has released the 7th edition of Data Never Sleeps. It is showing the online consumer behaviour as data generated every minute across high-traffic platforms and applications like Instagram, Twitter, Google, Netflix, YouTube and more.

Data Never Sleeps 7.0

In this year`s version of Data Never Sleeps, we will understand how much data is generated in every minute of every day on the most popular platforms and companies in 2019.

How much data is generated every minute?

  • People were busy sending emails in 2019, or 188.000.000 emails are sent, and 18.100.000 texts are sent
  • Instagram is a very popular platform for sharing photos. This year, users posted 55.140 photos and 277.000 stories
  • On Skype, users made 231.840 calls
  • YouTube users watched 4.500.000 videos
  • Netflix streamed 694.444 hours of content per minute
  • In 2019, users conveyed 4.497.420 searches on Google
  • 389 bookings per minute are made on Airbnb, and 9.772 rides per minute are taken by Uber
  • People are using the Internet to make the world a better place. The hashtag #love is used 23.211 times

Source: Domo – Data Never Sleeps


As the years go by, each internet activity is increasing in size. It shows how technology is changing and helping us to communicate, collaborate and build the community better.

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