Create nice-looking heading via Google Font API

October 26 2010

create nice looking heading via google font api


Create nice-looking heading via

Google Font API


When I wrote the last blog post I thought that was the last connected with typography, but I think that this is the ultimate solution for web designers who want to use different fonts instead the standard without using any techniques mentioned in the previous posts. I think that typography is very important part of the web design, so this will be dedicated to it too.

First we include the style-sheet file direct from the Google API site with the specifying the font family that we want to use. This project is in beta version and there are 25 fonts so far.


   <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=””>


This example is created and applied to span element but you can do it on every element that can contain text and this is the style for it.


 span {
        font-family: 'Tangerine', serif;
font-size: 45px;
Next pece of html as we can see the span somtains pure text, no images, no flash.
  The New Era of Web Design

This is the result:


The New Era of Web Design!


If we add this code text-shadow: 2px 3px 2px #888888; to the syle for the span element we will get nice shadow and this is the final product.


The New Era of Web Design!


Web Design Articles

October 1 2010

Website Designers Sydney – How to choose the right Australian website design agency for your ecommerce website!
Web Designers Sydney – How can you get an evergreen website design?
Web Design Sydney – Presenting Your Business Online!

Part 1: Website Design
Part 2: Web design and development along with SEO
Part 3: SEO makes your business visible
Part 4: World Wide Web has locomoted the businesses online

Website Designers Sydney – How to choose the right Australian website design agency for your ecommerce website!

Your online presence is not whole without the well designed website as a promotional and presentational place in the online market. But while on the market, you have to have the means to present as a well as to sell your products or services. Motivating website visitors to come to your website is a job for Online Marketing Specialists but motivating your visitors to buy your products or service is a job for your Website Designers Sydney based team. So how can you choose Australian website design that will best present and sell your product.

1. Try finding the best website design and advertising agency in Sydney. Take a look at their website portfolio and ask for a website design quote for your website. Compare quality and price. Take a look at their customer websites and see how well their ecommerce systems are designed.

2. Evaluate the ecommerce websites this web design firm has done by then. How? Well, every ecommerce website has to fulfill three major principals:

– give the visitor a pleasant experience and feeling while he/she is browsing through the website and shopping

– provide sufficient information on who the website owner is and how great the professionalism is and of course why this website and the company behind it should be trusted.

– the website designer has to pay special attention to website usability so that the visitor finds the website easy to use and to get to the right information fast.

– the ecommerce website has to be in line with the corporate image of the company. Many brands are well recognised by their corporate colors, so the website as a brand presentation online, has to contain the corporate colours too.

So see if the agency websites are fulfilling principals from your point of view as a independent website visitor.

3. Every website designer has the challenge to create a leading website that will drive the website visitor to the core purpose of the website: leave their personal data in lead generation website, make an online purchase for ecommerce website, and leave feedback or comment for blogs and social media websites, communities. So when deciding on who to engage for your website see if the work that the designer has done by now will motivate a potential customer to fulfill the website core purpose.

Finding the right partners in web design and online marketing services has never been easy, especially with so many agencies rising up every day. But not all of them are good. You would not want someone to start learning by designing your online presentation. You want experience and knowledge. So look for web design firms with a great portfolio of work that will offer you a quote as well as advice as web design experts.

Web Designers Sydney – How can you get an evergreen website design?

The answer is: You cannot. Just like in the fashion industry, if you are IN today your are OUT tomorrow. The same goes for the web design industry. Usually the best Web Designers Sydney can provide, are like artists and they create and improve their designing skills and ideas every day. As soon as you decide to cooperate with a Web Design Companies, make sure you they have these artistic types in their design team.

If you want your company and your brand to be the reflection of latest trends and carriers of the best market presentation, your website is probably the first thing you must think of updating. That goes for content as well as design. Every day there are new tool, new and improved rules and new kids on the block, driving the changes and improvements in this industry and you just cannot afford to stay behind and be outdated.  So how can you be sure that your website design will always follow web design trends? The answer is: Find yourself a Web Design Company that will offer maintenance as well as initial design. They would have to offer you frequent updates of the web design and functionality of your website, to be in line with the latest developments in the web design industry. Find the guys that show record of following and implementing these news for the benefit of their customers.  Here are just a few advice on how to acquire a fashionable design form your web designers:

1. First always think of what your brand and your company wants to become. Do not try to ask for a design that presents your company as it is. The web site is the place that may drive your brand change towards improvement and desired position in the market. Always remember, marketing your company or product online is maybe even more important marketing your products offline.

2. The best designers Sydney can offer will always offer you unique design for your online presentation. You might say “Sure they will”. Well, this advice came from experience. If you say what you want, they will give you what they can give you in the fastest and easiest way, and in the web design it might mean -a template design. Usually when clients are trying to lower the pricing they get an offer to accept a template design that will be altered minimally. If you just have to avoid paying for a unique website for your company, then at least ask for a template design that is entirely created and owned by the Web Design Company that you hired.

3. Updates of your website design are necessary. Always ask your Account Manager at the Web Design Firm to update you on the latest trends in the web design industry. That way you can decide if it is time to update the design and be in line with the big boys in your industry. That will make you a serious player in your field.

Sydney Web Design – Presenting Your Business Online!

Part 1: Website Design

As I promised, I am going to continue with the title’s topic, covering every area of the online business presentation.

In the previous web design article that can be found here, I explained the very basic terms like website, web design and development, among others. We agreed that not having a website means not having a future for your business. Hence, almost every business has its own website, but the results of its existence are far from the expectations for its presence. And why is it like that?

Well, that means that your website has not reached the goal of your business motto, and from there your website is neither effective nor useful. And here comes the work of the web designer and web developer. Their job is to create your website with all attributes reflecting the customer’s needs and expectations and even the unimaginable while visiting your website.

So, if you know what you want to see in your business website and the main purpose of its existence (if there is one) beside the basic one – online presence of your business as a must for having a bright future, than it is outstanding. Otherwise, I will give you a guidance list of questions leading to the building process of your website, precisely, questions that could be either yours (converted in answers), or to your web designer / the Sydney web design company you have chosen.

And here are the questions:

1. What industry your business operates in?

2. What type of clientele your business serves?

3. What are the vision, mission and core values of your business?

4. What is the corporate look of your business for your business partners and clients? Like trade mark colours…etc.

5. Does your business have branded products/services, and if it does what are they?

6. What is your business competition?

7. What is the aim of your online business appearance, beside the basic one (mentioned in the above text)?

8. What are you expecting your clients to find on your website?

Starting from myself, as a client from one side, and a business owner from the other, acquiring experience from my professional working, a client position in many occasions, with gained education knowledge as well, make me an attractive asset, with appreciative and professional approach client wise. From there, these questions have client approach.

So, we come to the final end of this process – a completed web site. We are astonished with the website design, with an exception – does website design (website look) correspond with its functionality. This exception will be discussed in the next article, along with “promises given by your business website”.

Bear in mind, the Sydney web design company you will engage, should be considered as your business partner in your daily online routine. This company is best to have all needed services for online operation beside the web design and development, an online marketing, SEO – search engine optimization, even logo design, graphic design, advertising and many more. Further, web design is not a casual work, but very comprehensive, incorporating not only creativity and a sense of art, but also technical and marketing knowledge. Therefore, if your web designer is aware of the client approach, and have the above mentioned characteristics, and the company is like the one described above, you have made the right choice, heading the right way with the right partner.

Remember, built reputation can easily be ruined by an inappropriate online presence rather than your daily working of your business.

Sydney Web Design – Presenting your website online

Part 2: Web design and development along with SEO

All my articles are written with genuine care in order to be understood by people that are not familiar with the subject at all. I haven’t acknowledged to Webski Solutions ( Web Design Sydney Company) for their relentless energy while assisting me to understand how web design companies work, whilst at the same time publishing my articles at their website.

We already laid out the seed of website knowledge, got the first germs for website design and now we are going to grow them until they reach the full size shape. This article will give you the stalk of knowledge.

When building your website be aware that the web designer knows the roles for effective website. Website owners not having the knowledge about this subject could cause an immense concern not only for themselves but also for the Sydney Web Design Company, as well.  Misunderstandings that appear can ruin the business relationships. I always refer to my clients that collaboration be held in respect, and that will lead to confidence in both parties, resulting in a mutual benefit. Read the listed paragraphs below as you will have a clear picture, of the flow involved when building a website, the preferred way of Sydney Web Design Company.

1. Unique, professional and appropriate website along with web design. Entire appearance of your business website should correspond with the corporate look of your business. The colours and images applied as background of every website page of your website; the used font for the text, its size and colour – in such a manner to be easily readable. A web page with lack of beauty is not so inviting. Thus, website design assists in inviting people, but does the website appearance correspond with website functionality?

2. Functionality, navigation, loading time of your website along with web development. I have stated that the website design of your website is like the face of your company online, and the website I compared precisely with an online presentation (store) of your business outside your building, office or factory. But I think it won’t be harsh to compare the website as an entire online company. My previous “quote” was ”built reputation can easily be ruined by an inappropriate online presence rather than your daily working of your business.” This explains not only the subject written in the above paragraph, but more the technical functionality of the website (in the professional IT language known as web development). What perception you will have for a website when waiting for it to be opened (loaded) a little longer than you expect. The difficulty when navigating through the website and not being able to find an article you have read previously,  or as a worst variant when attempting to buy a dozen flowers on internet, and you just cannot because the e-commerce system of that website is not functioning properly.

3. “Content is king” – a known and often used phrased for  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The world says “The Customer is king” – well known statement in the marketing world. Well, create your “Customer’s King Content”. Today is the “era of marketing” (MARKETING is a concept of today’s business working, not a department as the accounting within the company) where the customer is the centre of the business world, not the product itself. Hence, you create your products/services to be in favour to the customer needs and wishes. The content of the website needs to be addressed to the customers; explain yourself, the reason of your existence as a business, in simple and professional manner. Imagine you website as your free daily business magazine/newspaper and write it in a manner so your customers can experience your inner thoughts and conduct convenience to your business. You can educate your consumers not only about your businesses but also about their needs (in which you are proficient) on which your business consists. You can even communicate through a website blog reaching your customers’ ideas on how to improve your products and even ideas for their new needs and wishes or adding an Article (just like this one).

If you cannot write the wanted content for your site you can engage people that are specialised in copywriting.

I always say “Beauty is in Simplicity”, therefore a beautiful website is the one that integrates all above mentioned subjects. Web design and development along with SEO will provide you with an effective website for your business that will deliver the promises made by its existence.

Remember, your website represents you. The web design and development serve up the virtual image of your company, and its products/services. Your website establishes your professionalism in the new era.

Sydney Web Design – Presenting your website online

Part 3: SEO makes your business visible

There are a lot of things that need to be said to reach the whole scope of this subject. I believe my sincerest approach will entice your curiosity and provoke you to appropriate action.

This time I will write to you about the famous SEO (abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization). It took me some time to formulate its meaning and understand the importance of its existence in nowadays’ “THE INTERNET WORLD”. To be honest, without Webski SEO team, I could not have gained the needed knowledge, even though I researched enough. That is why there are professionals. I can say that the Sydney Web Design Company continually nurtures my technological knowledge.

Since I got introduced to SEO I have found its working purpose familiar with my profession. As it is known SEO belongs to the Online Marketing operations. From this we can understand the point, knowing what marketing means. Even all business owners are aware of the giant steps of internet, they still do not understand the meaning of the online marketing operations. But how will they know if someone did not try to explain in a comprehensible language for them.

Hence, I would say SEO makes your business visible. SEO professionals would say “Search Engine Optimization is a collection of strategies that improve the level at which your web site is ranked in the results returned when a user searches for a keyword or phrase.”

These mentioned keywords can be the name of your products/services, the name of your business or the industry you operate in. Obviously it is not enough to have a website only, but an effective website (we have spoken what that means). In one research I made for internet users on a question of what they feel is most important about a website, they answered:

1.Content provided;
2.Accuracy of information;
3.Entertainment value.

CONTENT as an essential element for website design, would let you to communicate with your clients and visitors. What communication is about other than information conveyed to an area of interest. That way you could provide your content about the goods you are selling or the service you are providing. If you even use the appropriate keywords/phrases relevant to your business into your website content, once you have gained the needed online position you could maintain it with continued SEO working along with the team you conferred the trust to work for you. Feeling a strong obligation to your costumers you need to stand out in the millions of websites existing online to show your audience the credibility you achieved in your daily work.

Very few people have an intellectual hold or understanding to which internet marketing can assist their business. Let professionals conduct your online working and do not have concerns about their guardianship over your online business. They know that not having the right visitors to your website would not grasp the whole capacity that your website could give you.

Regarding the financial expense when engaging with the SEO service, consider it as an investment because it always has an ROI (return on investment). The outcome you would gain after a period of time with the strength will depend on the intensity of the SEO efforts.

Remember, the website makes your business appear online, but for it to be visible to your target audience you have to employ SEO activity in order for your full effect of your online existence.

Sydney Web Design – Presenting your website online

Part 4: World Wide Web has locomoted the businesses online

All these articles that I have provided for you are about online presence of your business. Since marketing orientation takes place at business conducting, generally the business promise stays the same “The customer is king” and only changes the business environment. Therefore today’s entrepreneurs conduct their businesses immediate with the World Wide Web.
The pace of the internet accelerated to a point where there is no business that can work effectively without its website presence on internet. The customer habits have changed since the internet has become a part of nowadays people’s lives. The world experienced the Internet revolution. The net as a global village became a place where not only the information has become available for the global customers but all the products as well.
Thus the marketers have broadened their knowledge and work. The use of the conventional marketing has no longer the same position as before. Once a business has been established on the internet market without an online marketing it cannot achieve the wanted goal.
The main difference between the conventional marketing and the online marketing (or with other words named as internet marketing, web marketing, e – marketing) is the place – where you place your resources. Actually, the internet marketing exceeds the expectation of the marketers by making every business international with no limits by location.
The internet marketing has reached a global success. Of course every business owner will ask what’s needed in order to be part of this online success for its business. The approach of the online marketing is the same as the traditional marketing. It starts with a research as a primary activity then setting up a strategy and lastly an implementation of the same. However the online strategies differ from the strategies of the traditional marketing. In my previous article I mentioned the SEO – search engine optimization. This is a part of the online strategies and the most widespread online marketing operation. Its use is large only because the internet along with the browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera….) and the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL Search, Alta Vista…) have created this process of work.
When a regular customer as me reads the above, it will come across as an incomprehensible subject which is very understandable. I say “how can science be apprehensible to non-scientists” thence this is the same situation. Therefore, in my next article I will explain how the SEO is connected with the search engines from one side, the internet marketing from another side and the web design and web development from a third side.
Remember, if you do not want to go behind the successful companies of your industry then take your place on the Internet market and foster your future with the online marketing employment.

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