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Web Hosting Sydney - Providing 24/7 Uptime and Support

Our depth of technical expertise in IT systems, business applications, networking technologies and systems management provides integrated end-to-end solutions for delivering IT services – not only within the hosting centre but throughout an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Web Hosting

The need for highly secure, reliable and cost-effective IT solutions is increasingly important, especially for mission-critical solutions that require distributed consumer or business user access. To address this, Webski Managed Hosting has been developed for customers who require a fully managed solution for their line of business applications. We focus on delivering market-leading high availability services, whether this is for a key revenue generating business service or to centrally locate essential infrastructure in a data centre environment.Hosting Managed Services from Webski eliminate the cost and complexity of building and maintaining your own hosting facilities. Your IP investment is protected in secure data centres with 24/7 access. Clients can choose between dedicated and colocation services that scale to suit your unique business requirements.

Service Offering

With this service, Webski provides and provisions the server hardware, and protects your equipment in sophisticated facilities designed for 99.999% uptime and availability. Webski also provides worry-free management of your operating system, hardware, and key applications. Our flexible options allow you to select which components you want us to manage.To ensure optimal performance, we monitor critical system resources on a 24/7 basis. We manage your system, network, and facilities with components such as:
– Data backup, storage and restoration
– Firewall and intrusion detection
– Space, power, and climate management
– State-of-the-art smoke, fire, and flood detection systems
– Bandwidth monitoring
– Performance monitoring
– Physical security with video surveillance and on-site security staff
– Remote Fault and Operation Monitoring
– System Administration
– Application Monitoring
– User Account Administration
– Anti-Virus Update Monitoring
– Service Level Reporting
– Network Device Configuration Backup
– System Security Vulnerability Updates

Webski Hosting Centre

The Webski Hosting Centre provides a secure, environmentally controlled and protected facility able to run any business application or service. The hosting centre has a redundant network architecture enabling the provision of solutions with no single point of failure.
– 24 x 7 access to server, network and application support specialists
– 24 x 7 building security surveillance
– 24 x 7 network and equipment monitoring with integrated alert management
– Fully redundant network architecture
– Fully redundant power management
– Fully redundant air conditioning system
– Early warning fire detection & suppression


Webski believes that our support services are a fundamental aspect of the project lifecycle. We provide the highest levels of support by staying loyal and close to our customer base. In order to deal with today‚Äôs complex IT environments you need a reliable support partner who understands your business, backed by a team of experienced professionals who possess the skills that you require and can respond immediately when needed.As an independent supplier we understand the issues sometimes encountered from deploying multi vendor solutions. These can include escalating support costs and issues of incident ownership. Working closely with our partners Webski has developed relationships allowing us direct access to vendor technical support centres, managing any incidents via our technical ‘Service Desk’.

While Webski strives to deploy only the most reliable and available systems to all our clients, we also understand things can sometimes go wrong. It is for this very reason we have a structured support operation focused on making sure that your infrastructure investment and your production service is constantly available. All of our support consultants are vendor trained and independently certified to the highest industry standards. In addition to this our support operation has access to vendor databases to ensure we have the most up to date information and fixes from around the globe.