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Other services

Hard work is the key to sustainable practices!

The motto we like to associate with and pursue is: Hard work is the key to sustainable practices, has made Webski germane in offering and providing only high quality, professional services delivered on time and cost-efficient. Our talented staff have many years of experience, are quick learners and know how to get tasks done.

CAD Services

Webski provides a full range of services that includes AutoCAD and Revit drafting, 3D Modelling, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) services.
As a specialised drafting and 3D modelling company, our team is focused on attention to detail and meeting deadlines on all projects we complete for our clients. Our Business Model is based around developing long-term relationships with our customers based on Webski providing high quality and cost-efficient CAD Services. We are dedicated to quality and timely response in all of our services including:

  • Telco Drafting Services
  • Commercial & Residential Drafting
  • Building Information Modelling – BIM
  • 3D Rendering, Modelling & Visualisation


We have professional staff that will do bookkeeping for your business so you can spend more time doing what you love. You will have peace of mind knowing your bookkeeping will be done using systems to ensure consistency, uniformity and above all, quality in the work completed.  Be assured we will strive to find the most time effective processes and streamline your administrative procedures, saving you both time and money.

Content Writing

Professionally written web content needs to effectively communicate your sales message and ultimately make your products or services irresistible in the eyes of the reader/potential customer.

Many businesses think they can write their own web content and subsequently get entangled in the jargon of their field, thus making the content ineffective and inappropriate for the target audience. Although you may have the best website in terms of design and functionality, improper website content will only damage your business and will not achieve your online marketing goals, which is the goal of every business that is online.

Data Entry

Webski provides one of the best solutions in the area of online data entry.

We provide online service to regularly update online products, prices, and also to update the database on a regular basis. Some of our online process:

  • Online data entry of legal documents
  • Online data entry of products
  • Online data entry of catalogs
  • Online data capture and collection
  • Online data entry into new applications and software.

Virtual Assistant and Receptionist

The virtual assistant is self-employed, just like you are, so they function just like any other business does. We’ve been providing virtual assistance services for over nine years.

We help our clients:

  • Format documents
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage e-mail
  • Coordinate event details
  • Book travel
  • Article and press release distribution.

Data Transcription

Today, in this fast-moving world, there arises a huge need for transcriptions in all sectors—including medical, legal, business, and corporate and education institutes—to transcribe audio or video files into text documents—which then become a flexible choice from which you can retrieve the required information or details for better and easier reference.  With our strong team and technical base, we provide the best transcription services to our clients from across the world. Whether we are dealing with an individual or a large corporate company, we will serve you with our extraordinary proficiency to meet your transcription requirements.

Web Research

We do custom web research using our unique web research methodology. We have searched for data and information related to following business subjects: Opportunities, Market Size, Types of Products & their Classification, Characteristics, Specifications, Price, Trends & Innovation in Industry,  Top Competitors, Key Competencies, Strengths & Weaknesses, Marketing Strategies, CRM Practices and others. Webski Team provides information and data compiled in an intelligent fashion i.e. easy read and understand format which includes Tables, Graphs, Pictures, Flow Diagrams & Charts to assist our customers in making right and speedy decisions.