Power of Social Media Marketing- Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

February 21 2020

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Anyone using the Internet is well aware of the power of social media marketing. Although there are more attractive and powerful social media platforms, Facebook is extremely powerful as it has more than two billion users worldwide (2.5 billion monthly active users (MAU) for December 2019, source: Facebook 29/01/2020).

How to use the Facebook platform properly to grow your business?


Create attractive content

Images, the description of your post, and the presentation style are features that attract readers’ attention. Therefore, the more attractive posts you create – the more attention you will get. It is a great practice to brand the images with your logo and colours. The text should match the target audience you want to attract.

Be innovative – Use #hashtags

Using #hashtags in your posts can result in a significant increase in user engagement for your posts. This special feature will allow you to reach more online users, and thus more fans, followers and potential customers.


Discover the most suitable time to post

If you manage to discover the right days and hours in which your content is getting the most traffic, even a single post can become much more effective than many posts at various times.

Number of daily/weekly posts

The number of posts you make per day or week also plays a key role in attracting users. According to analytics, the smaller number of posts per day tends to engage more users. People do not want an overloaded ‘news feed’ full of posts from the same company.

Be active in responding to messages


Even if you follow all four steps mentioned above, you can still lose benefits if you are idle to respond to your followers. Try to be connected on your Facebook page and respond to every question and message promptly. It will motivate your followers to stay active and potentially become loyal customers.


If you do not know how to manage your own business Facebook page by yourself, engage a team of professionals who have experience in social media marketing for diverse industries.

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