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November 21 2012

Gone are the days when three main places existed for advertising: radio, television and printed material. Each of these ways of advertising offered an effective way of advertising and way to reach the potential customer but didn’t offer any details about the real ROI. This era ended long ago, with the entrance on the big screen of the internet and the PC or the desktop devices the success is based only on detailed data, metrics and monitoring & reporting. The organic & paid search became the main string and connection between the advertiser and the web-user, measuring the clicks, CTR, conversions and ROI. Then it followed the post-PC era – the mobile (iPhones, iPads and Android devices) delivering the user more quick access to the web any time and any place.
The marketing nowadays is getting a new path, its going mobile– Are you prepared to attract visitors, to increase the income and to brand your business?


For one thing we need to be certain: the Ad agencies and marketers that seize the post-PC era are more likely to boost results. As smartphone apps, digital wallets, transactional marketing, social media, and mobile form factors move into the mainstream, there’s a need for new way of thinking and entirely new marketing methods and approaches that will deliver faster results.
The following stats might leave you without comment:
– In 2011, more people bought a smartphone rather than a desktop device, laptop tablet or so.
– One in seven searches is done on a mobile device.
– 59% of people age 18 – 34 access social networking sites through their mobile phones.

1.08 billion Mobile phones are smartphones (these include iPhones and Blackberry devices, as well as phones using the Android, Windows or similar operating systems). A smartphone does much more than the traditional phones do. A smartphone is a small sized personal computer in your hands and allows you to connect to internet with high speed through Wi-Fi and standard internet connection.

Mobile traffic is rising – And its rising even faster than you can imagine.

One of the real up-and-comers in this new era of mobile advertising is the mobile marketing. If your goals are to become one of the leading marketers in mobile marketing field you should know about mobile marketing solutions, mobile marketing trends, mobile marketing approach & strategy.
The crucial leading step is to set specific goals for your mobile strategy.

Distinguish the goals of the advertising

As part of this goal-setting, outline the specific key performance indicators that you consider benchmarks for to reach success with your mobile Ad campaign.
The secret to success in mobile technology is to know your consumers, their use patterns and the devices they are accessing. Filter your strategic and messaging goals thought filters and you can offer an experience that achieves the advertising needs. For many companies, the mobile web could help successfully transition from being software developers to being marketers once again.

Get social & Use the Social media networking to generate leads!

A fact that can contribute into setting the goals and the directions of the marketing is the fact that already, about 60 percent of Facebook and Twitter posts originate from mobile devices. This means that the websites that use social media on every day’s basis have bigger potential to increase traffic or attract visitors to the site and by that have bigger possibility for faster ROI.

What is needed to become a social powerhouse?

webski-blog-socila-mediaMonitoring and engagement

Social media monitoring is a powerful tool which helps you to track and get engaged in important and relevant discussions and turn possible social media users into ROI. Social media nowadays makes the best contribute to the advertising and sharing, as for the connecting with the right community in order to get involved to relevant communication and to lead the potential customers to a landing page via the social media channels. When asked what device they normally use to access the internet, 25% of smartphone owners say that they mostly go online and on social media using their smartphone, rather than with a laptop or other devices.

Sharing on social media- increasing the presence & integration
Sharing on social media – F/B, Google +, Twitter & so in order to improve your reach to the auditorium with your blog, mail, website content, branding & advertising or paid search

– Blog- post publications
Connect your blog posts & automatically publish content from your blog to the social media .social media has tremendous effect on people, using this tool you are on the right way of increasing the conversion, visits , branding & advertising through shares, plus one’s and clicks. This is supported by the fact that 78% of the web searchers use two or more channels to research possible purchase online.

Detailed analysis
Detailed analysis are needed when you want to attract traffic, track the conversion rate or just to increase your CTA, details about visits or clicks on your ads, landing page or links submitted on the social media are needed in order to complete better monitoring and increase the quality of engagement later on.

On the next image is shown the research done by the Pew Research center and out-and-out research and a part of a tracking survey “Smartphone ownership and internet use” conducted on 2277 adult internet users ages 18 and older. As shown below 87 % of the smartphone owner’s use the net and 68 percent of them connect on daily basis, 35 percent of them are adults. With over six billion mobile subscriptions globally the mobile traffic surely and with great speed is taking the place number one in the general online presence and traffic


Source: the Pew Research Center’s Internet

The survey results are interesting for many reasons. Usually we imagine that the smartphones market as if it were solely a tech geek or early adopter phenomenon that is spilling over now to middle class mainstream users. But for many users, who sometimes don’t have the income for pricier smartphones, they’re still turning to the devices because it’s their primary link to the Internet.

Another interesting fact is that so many users are connecting to the internet thought their smartphones the big website who want their presence to be on the top rankings, should consider upping their mobile game or mobile applications. Many of the big sites on the net are still desktop-users oriented and generally assume that users have larger screen and technology like Flash to navigate the content presented.

Due to the fact that one in seven searches is done on a mobile device I believe that many of the sites have being missing clicks, visitors and traffic, and this is including the websites that aren’t optimized for mobile. The constantly lose customers and potential transactions because they still do not consider the mobile users which have more limited screen.

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