Improve online shop performance

June 15 2015

The improvement and optimisation of your online shop is bit tricky but all the obstacles can be conquered with the following points:

1. Make your shop is mobile friendly

Today, more than 70% of the population are using their phones and tablets to purchase their stuff from the internet. They are using their gadgets for service and products ordering, searching information about different products etc. If your website is not adapted to their mobile devices, then you are losing a lot of business and you should do it as soon as possible.

2. Do not have any hidden costs that will turn customers away.

A lot of customers complain when they come to the checkout page and they get appalled by the hidden costs they see. Make sure you upfront those costs and have a special section on the page that explains all the costs associated with the products they purchase.

3. Remember their purchased products.

One of the best client experience will be when they get back on your website from browsing other web pages, comparing other similar products and they get back to your website and still find the products in the shopping cart they have put previously because it saves them a lot of time so they don`t have to do it all over again.

4. Optimize your online shop performance.

Don`t forget to constantly monitor and analyse your website performance. Quick load of the pages, improved performance of the server environment  – all of these require the right settings and consideration.


If your online shop contains these points then you are good to go.

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