How to Leverage a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

July 9 2019

social media strategy

We often think the number of social media followers is an outdated measure for success. But recently, the number of followers tells a story about your brand. The number is crucial because it advises with trust. A large number of followers is considered as positive proof for your brand. People are prone to follow profiles that already have a large number of followers – no matter if we do not want to admit it sometimes.

The number of followers not only affects getting new followers on social media networks, but they also affect how your presence on social networks is accepted. Well, let’s see how you can get more social media followers.

Promote your profile to all channels you own. Your website, blog, email – you can use all possible channels that are in your possession to promote your profile. This way you can get followers who already believe in you and the chances of following you on that new profile are huge. If you use email marketing and you send a lot of emails daily or weekly, include the profile at the bottom of the message you are sending.

Fill the profile completely and make it look impressive. There are several types of profiles that attract people’s attention:

  • Profiles that look real – this includes a profile picture which is not set by default, writing business description and a customized header image.
  • Profiles that have useful descriptions – they immediately explain who they are and what you can find and expect on their profile.
  • Profiles with nicely organized content, whether it is Instagram image or Facebook post.

If your social media profile is new before you start to promote it, make sure it is completely filled and gives a good first impression.

Always use hashtags in your social media posts. To get all the benefits of this method, choose the hashtags related to your industry which are researched most, and paste them into all your posts. There are many platforms for finding popular hashtags on different platforms. At Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags and up to 10 in a single story. Many brands choose to insert hashtags in the first comment on the post in order to leave the description clean.

Use Instagram stories maximally. Just like the hashtags, Instagram stories can increase your visual presence significantly because they not only appear to your followers but also in the Instagram Feed space. This means people who do not follow you will be able to find you and if they like the content, they will follow you. In the stories, you can use hashtags, locations and mentions of other profiles.

Be natural. Whatever you do – be natural, not automatic or mechanical. One of the best strategies for getting new followers is to give useful content to your existing followers, making them more prone to share content from you. Interaction with existing followers is crucial for getting new followers, and perhaps the fastest way.

social media followers

Extra tip. Follow 10 hashtags related to your brand and constantly visit, like and comment. You can include notifications when a particular Instagram profile will publish in order to be the first to like or write a comment. This will attract the attention of like-minded people who may follow you.

Creating and executing your Social Media strategy to gain a relevant audience that result with sales increase is our main goal.  We will keep your followers and engage them through a combination of organic and paid media on all the major networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube).

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