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November 7 2012

Blogging – What is your story to tell?

Many times you have heard about this but not sure how to get one of your own or do not know where to publish your story?
A Blog is your way to be heard or read among the online world or more simply, websites that uphold an ongoing and fresh content. A blog can feature entries or “posts” typically displayed in a chronological order. At the beginning, and that is 10 or more years ago blogs were usually the work of an individual only, but later as the blogging community expanded and developed, multi-author-blogs have developed, with posts by various authors which are professionally edited. Nowadays blog writers create and share their content on blogging communities which offer many author and subject options, in the web-based interface, built into the blogging system architecture.


A Little bit of a comparison – Blogging is Fun!

Having a blog is just another way of keeping track of articles on a site. Many blogs feature an archive, based on the date submitted (such as daily, monthly etc) and this usually is shown on the front page of the blog. Another feature that the blog’s archive can be based on is the categories – all the articles or content specified in a precise category. They can be sorted by author or can be posted alphabetically. The performance of these types of abilities has the power to organize and present content in a composed fashion and is a reason more that makes the blogging a popular individual publishing instrument which used properly can help the publisher significantly. Most of the big blogging communities are blogs which are interactive; allowing the visitors that have read the post to leave comments and even message each other on the blogs. Another common future for many of the blogs is the list of links “blogroll” to other related sites, which gives a quick access to the user of other similar sites and content such as on the blog. These types of interactivities are what separate this kind of websites from the other static ones. This is the fact that contributes to the point that the blogging can be seen as a form of social networking as bloggers do not only create new and fresh posts on their blogs, but likewise build relations within or outside the blogging community.

Are you a Beginner?


Before you start blogging and contribute into the big social community of bloggers, you need to think how professional you want to get when publishing, how often you will contribute the online crowd with blog posts and why do you need a blog post in the first place. Have a look at some or the most popular blogging communities such as,, Blogger, LiveJournal and decide what’s your type of blogging community and needs for social networking.

Introduction to & blog platforms & their features

The most commercial platform of all, the largest self-hosted blogging tool, and an open-source project used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day is the The platform you should NOT avoid if you need a professional blog or if you like being special in everything you do and write! Hence if you have a webhost and a little time you can download the WordPress script, you can customize it and start using it not only as a blogging system but as a full Content Management System – CMS involving all of the plugins, unlimited themes and widgets.
It will sound like a promotion piece but WordPress is limited only by your imagination and it’s FREE!


Many are the features offered by this open source platform but one of the must make attention is that – You are free to do whatever you like with the WordPress code, modify it in any way or use it for commercial projects without any licensing fees, extend it or make any changes that you need . That is the beauty of the free WordPress software, not only by price but also free by having complete control over it. Next in the big line are: the full standard compliance, the whole code is compliant with the standards of W3C, the links that allow you to create, maintain and update any number of blogrolls, it comes with a full theme system with just a single click and offers the possibility to have multiple themes with totally different looks or the opportunity to have e different design every day, the Trackback and the Pingback cross-blog tools, it gives an opportunity to visitors to comment on the blog posts, full user registration, spam protection, password protected posts or the possibility to have private posts which are viewable only by their authors, easy installation, navigation and upgrades , easy importing, intelligent text formatting, bookmarklets, blog by email, excerpts, multiple categories to articles, multiple authors privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, and other users.
Try to become one and you will wonder why all web software isn’t so easy.

This is a platform with unlimited potentials offered to the online crowd, for the reason that there is a service called which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in seconds, but varies in several ways and is less flexible. It is a free blog hosting for registered users and all of the basic and original features are free to use.


No rules to what you post – It’s your blog!

In order to become a blogger on the the first thing you have to do is to create an account where you can share your content with Google, the search engines, the big blogging community of WordPress or just with friends or family. Blogging is a piece of a pie!
Just click on the big button “create your account” , have a google email account ready to use , enter your data, upload your photo, verify the account and on the next step comes the result, you have a blogger account to platform and you can start typing your posts. Hit the publish button and there it is, you have complete blog post to read – it’s that simple!
Remember the secrets of qualified content: keep it well written, keep it dynamic and fresh, blog for fun, stick to few categories only, tell your friends and they’ll probably tell their friends. Share it on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, post comments on other people blogs, and stay connected to your auditorium! Before you are aware of it, you will start growing a readership, exchanging ideas and build social relations with your readers and other bloggers.

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