Project overview

Founded in 1994, POLO CPI was established out of frustration of the lack of professionalism and attention to detail within the mercantile and investigations industry. POLO CPI has been built on providing a level of service (delivery, turnaround and reporting) that exceeds expectations and is beyond industry standard. We work hard and provide fast, easy and simple services and are continually improving our practices, process and online technology.

We have long standing relationships with Australia’s leading law firms, banks and media organisations. The majority of our clients have been working with us for over 10 years.

We provide a consistent and consolidated service across Australia. We save our clients time with dealing and communicating with numerous agents across Australia and overseas.

We focus on providing our clients with clear and concise reporting which is delivered in a fast efficient manner and customised to each individual client requirements.

We are continuously training our operatives across Australia for the delivery of efficient and quality services and pride ourselves on having developed an organisation that has attracted, personally trained and kept the best agents in the collections and investigations industries.

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