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What is happening every minute on the WEB – 2019 version?

Recently, Domo has released the 7th edition of Data Never Sleeps. It is showing the online consumer behaviour as data generated every minute across high-traffic platforms and applications like Instagram, Twitter, Google, Netflix, YouTube and more. (more…)

Digital Technologies for Small Businesses

digital technologies

Technology plays a particularly important role in creating and maintaining a successful business. Recently, more businesses believe in technology and, as e result, they manage to accomplish their goals much faster and easier. Looking at the big picture, it is no doubt that businesses work more efficiently if they know how to use technology in an appropriate way. Technology helps businesses to communicate, collaborate and coordinate, as well as provide…

What is happening every minute on the WEB – 2018 version?


Compared to last year, Internet activities per minute have increased. Тhe numbers shown in the Infographic below are impressive, taking into account that they are valid for one minute only. What if we want to know the data for the whole year? Then the numbers become even more ridiculous. From the Infographic it can be noticed that every activity on the Internet is increased in 2018. The most remarkable and…

How does a good Call to Action button look like?

Who would say that such a big decision should be brought about one ... button! You really need to think about how best to present it to your users, although it's something that takes up a small part of your screen. If you want users to click on the final goal without hesitation, you have to own a perfect call to action (CTA) button. (more…)

What’s happening every minute on the WEB 2017 version


The global Internet community for a period of five years jumped from 400 Million to 3.7 Billion users and here is the data that these 3.7 Billion users are creating and using every 60 seconds on the Web. Netflix streams 69k Hours of Video Spotify adds 13 New songs in their library that is more that 30 million songs Snapchat more than half million snaps shared Over than 18 million…

What is Happening on the WEB every 60 seconds – 2016

This is an updated version of these two previous statistics published back in 2011 and 2014 respectively More than 2 million searches on Google More than 3 million likes & the near the same number of Items are shared on Facebook Faceboog stat again: every minute there are 243,055 new photos uploaded More than 56K Photos uploaded on Instagram Less than half million Tweets sent on twitter More…

Social Media: Introducing The New Google+

Webski Solutions Google

Social Media always have new updates and improvements. It’s important to follow them and adjust our business page in a way that it will be well optimised with the main keywords of your business. This time we have a new update on Google Plus. Finally! We've been waiting for a very long time! A beta version of Google+ was launched on Wednesday, 18 November 2015. The promise is to be…

What’s trending right now in Australia?

whats-trending right now in australia

Right now the following terms are the most trendy in Australia according to Google. Click on the items to read more: The following data is taken from Ggoogle trends on 15 June 2015: "Game of thrones" is currently the most searched trend in Australia with more than 100,000 searches Game of Thrones - More than 100,000 searches E3 - More than 100,000 searches Gabi Grecko - More than 20,000 searches…

Improve online shop performance

The improvement and optimisation of your online shop is bit tricky but all the obstacles can be conquered with the following points: 1. Make your shop is mobile friendly Today, more than 70% of the population are using their phones and tablets to purchase their stuff from the internet. They are using their gadgets for service and products ordering, searching information about different products etc. If your website is not…