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Web Design » jQuery Slider Plugin - Flex Slider - Responsive jQuery Content Slider

2 Dec 2011 (11:15)Author: Dean M

jQuery Slider Plugin - Flex Slider - Responsive jQuery Content Slider


First of all, let me describe what is the definition and meaning of responsive content slider and responsive design in general. The websites can be browsed from many different browsers and also from many different devices like Smart Phones, Portable Computers, Laptops and desktops with different screen resolutions. If your site have prescribed design probably you're going to have a problem with browsing the site with different browsers on different devices.

Really??? OMG! My site is viewed from different browsers and devices, is there any solution for this?
- Yes, there is and it's called responsive design

Responsive design is flexible device-independed design for web.

Ok I'll discuss more about the responsive design in some of the nest blog post. Responsive content slider is a content slider that is working the same on every device. It will adapt the whole content even the images as well for the device that you're using. I think that you've got the idea that stands behind this. 

Results 1-5 of 1     Page: 1