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Web Design » Text With Neon Light Effect using jQuery & CSS

27 Sep 2010 (05:36)Author: Dean M

Creating a Background Image


The previous blog post was creating glossy text using only CSS.

In this post I'm going to show how to create Neon Glow Text, but this time I'm going to use some jQuery (a JavaScript library); besides, I'm going to use some CSS. Let's start with the first step.

First of all we should create an image with the two different color versions of the text, and helped by the jQuery we can create a smooth transition between them. To create the image we're going to use Photoshop, so we're creating an empty 650px X 300px document and set #141414 as a hex code for background color.

For the text you can use your favorite font-family, for this example I'll use Century Gothic with a size of 60px and I'll type “jQuery & CSS liquid text effect” two times for the heading text.

Web Design » Glossy Text using only CSS

22 Sep 2010 (11:31)Author: Dean M

It's the new era of the web design. Every web designer or developer that have some basic knowlage od SEO would know that the text is more SEO friendly than image. So if you want the text you want to emphasise to be a little trendy and for example to have a glossy look and sometmes you'll say "OK I'll make an image in photoshop with the text that I want and thats it". I want to tell you that there is a solution for that problem and its solution that doesen using javascript, it's pure CSS trick. 

Glossy Text

Click » Glossy Text using only CSS « to read more

Web Design » Web Design - The Basic Concepts

21 Sep 2010 (10:03)Author: Vladimir Robevski

Web design

First of all I want to say Hi and Welcome to our Web Design Blog. This is our first blog post and as a introduction a few words about the basics of the web design. So comments are more than welcomed! Let's start!

The elements that are using for web and print design are the same. The big difference between these two type of designs are the different rules that are implementing for each kind of design. Some print designs can not be implemented for web.

Click » Web Design - The Basic Concepts « to read more
Results 1-5 of 3     Page: 1